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Quantitative research, qualitative research, global consumer research
Save Money
Make Smarter Decisions

Be a Visionary

Market Research Provides the Answers

Unmuted Consumer Insights (Unmuted) specializes in custom quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies to help companies better understand the end-consumer to guide decisions and drive success. Whether testing new products or tracking your brand, our global research expertise empowers leaders to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Save Time
Make data-driving decisions with confidence
Trial and Error Wastes Time and Money
And setbacks are frustrating. 
You deserve to make the right decisions from the start.
Trial and Error
Market testing, product testing, drive innovation, measure brand

No More Guessing

Our research provides the ANSWERS you need to lead with confidence.

  • Test concepts, products or ad campaigns to ensure they connect with your customers.

  • Drive innovation.

  • Understand the drivers of customer retention to stay relevant.

  • Measure the strength of your brand and track it over time.

  • Research pays off!
    60% of our business is from REPEAT customers.

No More Guessing
Concept testing, Custom consumer research,

Becoming a Visionary is Easier Than You Think...

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Becoming a Visionary
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