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Identifying Buyer Segmentation for a Consumer Product


An athletic apparel company wanted to segment current buyers - identifying customer personas based on key demographics, product usage, attitudinal product and lifestyle statements.


To determine buyer segmentation, we designed an online survey for current athletic apparel purchasers of our client’s brand as well as competitive brands.

Identifying Buyer Segmentation for a Consumer Product


In addition to providing current customer segmentation, we were able to identify key reasons for brand retention:

  • Brand strengths compared to competitive products

  • Consumer's expectations for product price, style, longevity and features

Understanding consumers who purchased competitive brand products, we provided areas of opportunity for brand growth:

  • Improved communication on product – including feature benefits, sizing and price

  • Additional opportunities to alleviate potential customer fears with trying the product


With clearly defined customer segments, our client was able:

  • Improve customer retention efforts and turn their current customers into advocates for the brand

  • Grow their customer base by removing customer concerns for trying a new apparel brand

  • Refine their marketing and retarget their advertising plans to connect with their customers

Making the investment in research provided the marketing & product development team with the Unmuted Consumer Insights – identifying loyal consumers, brand strengths, and growth opportunities.

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