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Qualitative Complimenting Quantitative


Our client, a utility provider, was looking to understand their customers’ interest in renewable energy to support potential changes in utility programs. Additionally they wanted to explore potential names and language used in marketing the program, to understand what resonated most with their customers.


We utilized an online quantitative study to measure interest in participating in a renewable energy program as well as willingness to pay for the program. We followed up with focus groups to deep dive into the “why” behind both acceptance and rejection of the program.

Qualitative Complimenting Quantitative


The combination of both quantitative and qualitative studies, provided our client with a full view of the customers’ mindset as well as why they felt the way they did. These studies allowed us to:

  • Measure the percentage of people who were interested in a renewable energy program and determine key drivers.

  • For those who rejected the program, understand their objections to help overcome them.

  • Evaluate various names and terms and identify word association to improve program communications.

  • Determine the ideal price range which most customers were willing to pay for the program.

  • Understand other environmental priorities which were important to their customers.


Understanding motivating factors for participating in the program as well as preferred names / terms associated with the program, allowed the client to overhaul their program marketing in order to connect with their customers in a more meaningful way.

The combination of both quantitative and qualitative research not only provided much needed insights into how customers felt about environmental initiatives, but more importantly, why they felt the way they did.

Making the investment in research provided the executive leadership with the Unmuted Consumer Insights needed to increase program awareness and participation.

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